no drips here!

Dripless olive oil dispenser
We finally found a dripless olive oil can that meets my exacting standards! Here you can see the detail of the spout that lets air in while you pour the oil. This, along with the funnel design of the spout, prevents any drips from getting on your countertop.

Olive oil is always present in my kitchen. This liquid gold is part of my heritage and I couldn’t do without. But at times it can be messy and that I could do without. Most oil dispensers are messy. The glass ones are pretty, but they never look clean and can get slippery with oil. The metal dispensers aren’t as fragile, but they typically drip and get oily. And those classic cans with the elongated spouts, they look pretty but the spout can get in your way–even break. As you see I am a bit finicky about my olive oil dispensers, but I think it’s worth being picky because it’s something we use every day.

So we’ve been on the lookout for a new oil dispenser to keep by the stove. My wife found this great dispenser at La Paella. They call it a “No-Drip Olive Oil Dispenser” and let me tell you it works great. It’s not just because it’s made in Spain like me ;-). It’s because the clever design lets air in while you pour and keeps the oil from running down the side or splashing. Having the right tool for the job makes an ordinary task a pleasure.

Buen Provecho!

turnip blast from the past

giant turnip from last year's garden
This giant turnip from last year was almost as big as my head

The weekends have had nice weather lately, and I spent some time in the garden getting it ready for the growing season. Look what I found from last year! I told my wife I was cooking it for dinner just to see her face. I think I should save it for fall and carve it instead of a pumpkin for Halloween!

I enjoy growing turnips more than I enjoy eating them. They can have a strong flavor, sometimes bitter. David Bulman over at Bite Bistro suggested that I try some Tokyo turnips this year. They’re smaller than the turnips I’ve grown in the past, more like the size of a radish. They’re supposed to be sweeter when cooked, with greens that are good for eating, too. I’m looking forward to trying them–the seeds are on my order list for this year.