Daniel Agüera
Daniel Agüera

I was raised in Asturias–northern Spain–in a family that loves to cook. My culinary development started early, watching my grandmother cook. I would spend hours sitting at a corner of the kitchen table, working on my art projects. The smells and preparation techniques were absorbed into my subconscious as details of the cooking experience became part of my drawings.

Years later I came to the U.S. to study computer graphics and multimedia. This prompted a nomadic time in my life, taking me into kitchens throughout Europe, the Mediterranean, Middle East and the States, where I occupied every position from dishwasher to chef.

Art and food have continued to be intertwined in my life. While finishing my graphic design education in the states, I opened my first restaurant. (I don’t own it anymore.) After years of trying to balance dual careers in the graphic and culinary world, I concentrated on my passion, food. Since then I have worked in large and small restaurants, food processing operations, and catering and corporate kitchens.

I go back to Spain as much as I can to recharge my passion for food and the pleasures of simple things done well. This is the philosophy I bring back with me every time.

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