sweet and savory citrus cooking class

2 Replies to “sweet and savory citrus cooking class”

  1. What a FANTASTIC evening with Chef Daniel, his wife Laura, my good friends Marla and Steve as well as all our new friends there for an evening of cooking fun! We had such a great time, and the class was worth every mile we drove from Chicago! Mark and I are still talking about all that we learned and ate… from prep tips to the chemistry of food, from the new ingredient combinations to the wonderful tastes we experienced! Well done chef, well done! We can’t wait for class number two 🙂


  2. Wow! This was the real deal ~ a real treat to be in this kitchen with these fun people ~ Laura thx for hosting and Chef Daniel a real feast for the sensest! MarlaMeyerPapernick u rock for organizing this Saweet event!! STEVE U ROCK AND THE wines were so fab. So happy to make yr acquaintance 🙂 Joyce and Mark and Virginia and Scott!


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