seed love is true love

During the winter months, one of my friends with a gardening obsession is known for asking her husband, “How many seeds do you love me?” So far, her seed orders have never exceeded her husband’s love. (Fingers crossed–those seed catalogs get glossier every year!) Hard core gardeners can relate to this relationship drama: the understanding spouse… the lure of new seeds… the classic love triangle.

Dorene Pasekoff is another friend who shares my obsession with seeds and special heirlooms.  She grows them to order for chefs and veggie lovers at Hill Creek Farm in Pottstown, PA. As we talked about a few different peppers and other garden crops we were planning to grow this year, Dorene mentioned Truelove Seeds.

Truelove Seeds is Owen Taylor’s seed keeping project. I knew Owen from the Philadelphia seed exchange but I wasn’t familiar with the work he was doing at Truelove Seeds. He has made a huge effort to reconnect many people to foods of their childhood or ethnic foods that for one reason or another have disappeared from their lives. They collect and care for all these seeds to make sure they are available to you next time you’re ready to grow them. That’s true love. Even if you’re not in Pennsylvania, check them out. You might find the seed that will inspire you to make a dish from your childhood or create new, delicious food memories.

Buen provecho!

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