Flan with bienmesabe crust and cardamom and buttermilk whipped cream

This probably won't surprise anyone, but let me come out and say it. I don't agree with all the gluten free propaganda out there. If you have a condition, then yes, by all means avoid it, but if not, then I don't want to hear it! That said, my first reaction when targeting gluten free …


Curds separating from the whey in the process of making quark

I was first introduced to quark in Germany. This fresh cheese is a tasty part of a good, old-fashioned breakfast. But it can be found in many other countries from Northern Europe to the Middle East. It's similar to the French fromage blanc or the Spanish queso fresco. This fresh cheese with a little honey and maybe a …

What's a "supper club?"

A "Dinner with Daniel" in progress

What's a supper club? My supper club has a relaxed, homey atmosphere with excellent and interesting food (if I do say so myself!). The mission is to have not only a great food selection, but the perfect mix of guests, where everyone gets to sit at the "chef's table."

happy Thanksgiving

Who doesn't love a holiday that's all about feasting and giving thanks? Here's a quick overview of my Thanksgiving. Whether you cooked all day like me or ate a cylinder of cranberry sauce from a can. I hope you had a good holiday and plenty to be thankful for. Buen provecho!