Tortilla de Patata

The tortilla de patata or Spanish potato omelet has to be the most traditional Spanish dish. If you travel throughout Spain, you’ll probably find many different recipes for the tortilla de patata–and if you ask anyone, the best one is the one they make at home.

Basically it’s a very simple recipe. You only need these ingredients: potatoes, onion, eggs, and a little salt. Well, and if you want to do it the right way, some good olive oil. This is it. So, why so many different recipes, then? Everyone wants to make it how they like it, make their own. Some might like to add a little garlic, some a little chorizo, some might cut the potatoes into cubes, some into slices, some might add some aromatic herbs, some might even fill them with all imaginable delicious combinations. As many combinations as you can think of for an omelet or a frittata, this is what a tortilla de patata is.

In the recipe I explained how to make the most simple tortilla de patata. I leave it up to your taste and imagination to change it as you go.
Making it this way at first, will allow you later on to decide what else you would do or add to it.

Flipping the tortilla de patata requires some practice, and if you lose some of it at first, don’t feel bad. It has happened to me before, and I’m sure it will happen again. Have fun and buen provecho!

See recipe at: tortilla de patata

2 Replies to “Tortilla de Patata”

  1. Ummm me veo Pittsburgh inundado de tortillas de patata en todas sus variantes! chorizo incluido!. Je je je. Saludos Daniel!!!!


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