Vivo restaurant nourishes foodies of all ages

Chef Daniel "supervises?"
Chef Daniel "supervises?"

Much has been written about the DiBattista family. Bellevue has enjoyed this family’s ventures for many years and very few in the food industry in Pittsburgh have not heard of them.

I grew up in a restaurant much like this one. I have known and worked with these folks for a few months now. In this short period of time I have witnessed their strong commitment to good food, good service, and a special warmth that keeps everyone coming back for more.

An informal gathering in the Vivo kitchen

Sam, Vivo’s patriarchal figure and chef, would agree with me when I say that restaurants like Vivo are abundant in Europe, but not in the States. The menu changes daily, pleasantly surprising the dinners with the freshest ingredients available.

brie en croute
Whenever a group of restaurant people -- particularly chefs--get together, we like to eat! When "Fat Club" convened at Vivo, there was an amazing array of food, from parmesan bread pudding with berry/balsamic coulis to homemade soprasetta to chipped beef sliders! This brie en croute was one of the snacks we enjoyed that evening, brought by chef Dan from Toast! on Baum Boulevard.
How to raise a foodie
Making your own dessert is almost as fun as eating it!

Seeing Lori, Vivo’s matriarchal figure and pastry chef, working in the kitchen or interacting with the customers brings back many fond memories. I have turned around to find Lori assisting children of guess at the restaurant make their desserts and later on I encountered the parents of these children thanking both Lori and Sam for another great meal.

And you’ll always have great service from Martina and Danina, the younger generation of Vivo, they’ll make you feel like a regular from the moment you come in.

Even local chefs from other restaurants (including me!) can’t resist when a chef/foodie gathering is organized by these great people. This passion for our most basic of needs–food–is well understood here, so please, come spend a little time with us, share with us and I can promise you that you will go away with more than a great meal.

marrow bones
Marrow bones served as an appetizer at Vivo--delicious!

565 Lincoln Avenue
Bellevue, PA 15202-3531

6 Replies to “Vivo restaurant nourishes foodies of all ages”

  1. Love your site and feel it is not only important to know how to put herbs, wine and your fish or other foods together, as you are talking about! and the intent and feeling you give to those you serve! You are so right! Love, Uriel
    An Old World Cook, French Basque


  2. This looks like an awesome place and somehow while reading it I felt like I was there and could almost smell the food being prepared. I think I may have lost my mind but I did enjoy reading this.

    Keep it coming!



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