little miss red wine

Sharron Peterson
Sommelier Sharron Peterson

I’m very pleased to introduce to you my friend Sharron Peterson! She’s a fun, energetic, and very likable wine professional and I can’t wait for you guys to get to know her a little better. Sharron will be helping me out with wine pairings for my recipes. It should be a lot of fun. Here’s a little more about Sharron:

Sharron Peterson is a sommelier, wine educator and a soon to be a graduate of the University of California Davis Winemaking/Enology Program. For 13 years, she has lived the “wine life” in major cities such as San Francisco, Napa, and Seattle. She is on a mission to educate wine lovers in a fun, snob-free zone throughout the country.

Whether it’s for a wine class of 10 or a TV appearance, Sharron brings her wine knowledge, unique career experience and a never ending repertoire of wine tales to create an entertaining, educational experience for wine lovers of all ages. In the future she will be releasing her own wine and pursuing her love for writing. Currently, Sharron has been chosen from over 1,000 candidates nationwide as a cast member for season II of the reality show The Winemakers, which is set to air on PBS in 2010.


2 Replies to “little miss red wine”

  1. Daniel: I would love to have you and your wife over for dinner some Sunday or what ever day you have available.
    I would also like to meet Sharron and see if we might be able to do something on my show with some wild game and a wine pairing to go along with it. I think it would make a great show.
    Talk with you soon,



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