a little gardening update

plant marker
One of my bark plant markers

A few of you have been asking me about my garden. For those of you that don’t know–I like to garden as well as cook. I find it very relaxing and I truly believe that nothing tastes better than when it comes from your garden.

This year I broke ground for a new garden spot. It’s not very big but I already have plans for expansion. The soil needed a little care as years of growing grass have not been kind to it.

After a little TLC–tilling and horse manure–the veggies are well on their way.

One thing I did do a little differently this year, that I thought was pretty nice, is the plant markers that I made out of bark.

I like to use markers for my tomato plants because I always plant a few different varieties and by the fall I don’t remember which one is which. For the past few years I was using plastic markers. Before that I used wooden markers but after using them a few times I would have to throw them away and I felt they were too expensive for what I was getting. So this year, I had some old branches I had cut down in the spring and I took a few bark shavings from them. And they made excellent markers. Little things like this can help keep down the cost of your garden.

What do you use for plant markers in your garden?

Buen provecho!

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