New year, old scraps

25 gallons of compost, a beautiful sight!

Composting is one of my hobbies. I think I can call it a hobby. I find it very rewarding and relaxing. Yes, making “dirt” can be fun! In one year, our household–a family of four and a dog–produces about 25 gallons of compost. This compost get mixed into our garden soil and we benefit from this “garbage” once again as it feeds our crops. This cycle gives me great satisfaction.

The current situation of our farms worries me, especially when I hear that farming production must increase by 70% in order to feed the world’s population by 2050. This is an issue we all should be working on right now. This makes me want to work on my garden a little harder, maybe as a way to do my part to feed the world, maybe as a new year’s resolution (even though I don’t make new year’s resolutions). If nothing else, knowing where our produce comes from and how it was grown is a great advantage.

I’m a little late, but happy 2012.

Buen provecho!

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