a night at the market (Garfield night market, that is)

Some people I talked to about my weekend plans didn’t know anything about Garfield, and sure didn’t know what kinds of things you’d find there. Would you guess… a dog with a blue mohawk? Hmmm–sure! But we also enjoyed many other fun things at this Friday’s Garfield Night Market, a new monthly celebration of the Garfield community that’s scheduled along with Penn Avenue Unblurred on the first Fridays of the month.

Garfield Community Farm was there. This alone was a reason for me to go check it out. Urban community farms–and the prospect of more farms possibly sprouting throughout the city–are the kind of thing I’m passionate about.

With two three-year-olds, I’m also passionate about finding family-friendly Friday night activities. This night market, on N. Pacific Avenue between Penn and Dearborn, was a perfect outing for us. For example, there were so many food vendors offering everything from snacks to pie to meals that there was something for everyone. We enjoyed the delicious smells emanating from La Casita Food Truck,  BRGR, Fukuda’s Lomito, Pittsburgh Pie Guy, and many more, but finally  settled on a toddler-friendly strawberry crepe with whipped cream from the guys at Creped Crusader.

Many other vendors were there, thirty in total, I believe. And they were selling more than just street food. There were candles, beautiful prints, jewelry, ornaments, and so on. A jewelry vendor told us, “Everything $5 on that side of the table,” as my wife looked for vintage treasures. She found several, but our girls’ sticky fingers and insatiable curiosity made it hard to do any serious shopping. We saw many people in the friendly and inviting crowd eating Healcrest Urban Farms “tea pops.” They looked yummy and interesting–maybe next time.

Even if you don’t have kids, this market is a worthwhile stop when you’re on Penn Avenue for First Friday events.

We had a great time. We’re looking forward to our next night in Garfield. The next Garfield Night Market is on October 4–maybe I’ll see you there!


dog with a blue mohawk
The people–or dogs!–you meet are always the best part of the fun when you’re out and about. Our daughters loved this dog’s edgy ‘do.

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