Fat Club on TV

WQED's Pittsburgh 360 filming at Vivo
WQED's Pittsburgh 360 filming at Vivo

The first rule of Fat Club is, “There is no Fat Club,” but it’s getting harder to deny it all the time–especially with attendees like Chris Fennimore and the WQED/Pittsburgh 360 crew. They were welcome additions to our latest gathering, but they don’t keep a low profile.

Chris came ready to cook. He brought bread dough and before we knew it he had the counter floured and was shaping the loaf into a braid, demonstrating that he was very comfortable in the kitchen and that without a doubt he is one of us. Then Chris started to go around the kitchen, talking to the attendees while the bread was rising.

This Fat Club wasn’t much different than any other in the past. The only major difference was that when time came to talk about our dishes, we did it in front of a camera. Even as the dishes were assembled the camera man would come around to check on their progress.

As always we had a very broad and colorful menu: everything from mussel seviche to curried osso bucco. I made my version of a harvest soup and—surprise! It was vegetarian!

I know, no one else believed me, either. Everyone kept asking if I had used pork (“Jamon Serrano? Pork Belly? Bacon grease?”) but I didn’t, and it was delicious. No worries folks, I’m not turning vegetarian.

I’m not going to say much more about this month’s Fat Club. Many more “secrets” will be revealed in November when Fat Club is featured on WQED’s Pittsburgh 360 on Thanksgiving evening.

I will say that Chris’ bread was very tasty and I’d really like to thank Chris Fennimore; Rick Cook, the Pittsburgh 360 producer; and Bob Lubomski, the friendliest camera man I’ve ever met, for taking time from their schedule on a Sunday afternoon and sharing it with us.

Thank you all and Buen Provecho!

Chris Fennimore's bread
Chris Fennimore's bread

talking to Chris about the vegitarian soup I made for our "Harvest"-themed Fat Club
talking to Chris about the vegitarian soup I made for our "Harvest"-themed Fat Club
a few Fat Club works in progress
a few Fat Club works in progress

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