giving thanks

WQED pledge drive
Look, Daddy's on TV!

This Thanksgiving season, I have been thankful for–among other things–good food, good friends, and public television–and I got to celebrate all these things with Chris Fennimore during WQED‘s current pledge drive!

After tasting the soup I had prepared for Fat Club’s Harvest Day, Chris asked me to contribute the recipe to his Soups & Stews book, which is one of the membership gifts people can choose when they support WQED. And I was lucky enough to be available to go to the studio and cook this recipe during the pledge drive. Cooking on TV sounded like a fun experience, so last Saturday morning I showed up at the station with my “Spanish Harvest Soup” ready to go.

We had twelve minutes to make the soup, and the show was broadcast live! With the help from the magic of television and Chris’s expertise as a host, we were able to explain the basics of the soup and even have a taste before our time together in front of the cameras was over.

It was a great time–thank you Chris and WQED!

Buen provecho!

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