coffee blossoms

coffee blossom
first bloom of the coffee plants

There are a couple of blossoms I could write about all the time, our twins, but I don’t want to bore you. 🙂 So, let me tell you about some other blossoms in this cook’s life.

About three years ago, a lady I worked with got me a coffee plant (Coffea arabica) for my birthday. It was tiny, but there were actually a bunch of plants in one pot to make it look fuller and leafier. I took good care of them and they did well. As they grew taller I was able to spread them out individually in a long planter. We put this planter in our kitchen window in Oakland. The plants seemed to like Oakland, and they seem to like it here in the ‘burbs, too.

Last week one of the plants had its first blossom, and a few others have followed since.

Maybe in the near future I’ll be able to make me a cup of coffee from beans that were fully grown in house. That would be the ultimate “house blend!” Are you up for the challenge, corner coffee shop?

If you are interested in having your own coffee plants, check out

Buen Provecho!

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