hidden treasure: Turkish pizza in Dormont

sausage and eggs pide
Fethi whips up a Turkish specialty pizza at Giovanni's Pizza & Pasta in Dormont

Some might say that Pittsburgh has a lot to be desired when it comes to good food and places to find it. Hell, I catch myself complaining from time to time. But then I discover an out of the way place with delicious food, and I remember that Pittsburgh is the city of “hidden treasures.”

One of these culinary hidden treasures is Giovanni’s Pizza and Pasta in Dormont, owned and operated by Turkish engineer Fethi Turan. You might wonder what an engineer is doing cooking. Well, he engineers some tasty stuff.

Last Saturday morning I happened to stop by. He had friends visiting and he was busy making Turkish specialties for the guests. Right away I noticed the soujouk sausage on the counter. This is a traditional Turkish beef sausage, similar to a semi-cured chorizo sausage. He was in the process of making soujouk-sausage-and-eggs pide. Pide is a Turkish street food or a quick dish they might throw together at home for brunch, Fethi tells me.

Giovanni’s is a pizza shop and pide is like a pizza, Fethi says to me. See, Pi-zzzaaa—Pi—deeee, kind of similar, right? Hmm, I’m not arguing linguistics with you right now, Fethi, GIMME SOME PI–DE!

On the pizza dough that he has shaped like a canoe, he lays slices of soujouk and then runs it quickly through the pizza oven to get the dough and sausage going. When it comes out, butter and a little olive oil are added. Sometimes lard instead of butter, Fethi points out, but butter for this time. Then the eggs are cracked on top of the butter and back to the oven. When the pide comes out, the eggs are perfectly cooked. The dough and sausage are ready also. A drizzle of lemon oil for balance. “You better eat it while it’s hot!” Fethi instructs. A bite of this and you have all that is brunch in your mouth. Delicious and incredibly light tasting. Perfect addition to any brunch, or maybe a late night snack.

pide, Turkish pizza
The delicious end result: pide! All the flavors of brunch in your mouth at once.

Giovanni’s and Fethi have many tasty surprises like this one. Give them a call, stop by, you won’t be disappointed.

Buen Provecho!

Giovanni’s Pizza & Pasta
3047 W Liberty Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15216
Phone: (412) 344-6622
Email: contact@eatgiovannis.com
Fax: (412) 344-7778

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