tomato time

Ahh, the smell of herbs and tomatoes!
Ahh, the smell of herbs, garlic, and tomatoes!

Despite the lack of rain and the high temperatures, this was a great year for our vegetable garden. We had plenty of collard greens, zucchini, yellow squash, green beans, and a lot of tomatoes.

I’m always worried about creature damage to the garden–deer, rabbits and other such visitors. But it was very minor this year. We only noticed a few green beans that were chewed by rabbits. I can imagine those bunnies reclining in the garden, green beans dangling above their heads, while they nibbled them from the bottom up. I think–or hope–that we actually ate more than the bunnies did.

Herbs and oil in the mortar
Fresh garden herbs and oil in the mortar

In keeping with my philosophy of preserving the harvest, I roasted many tomatoes and dried some, too. And of course we enjoyed many fresh from the vine.

Roasting tomatoes is a very simple process, and also allows me to use fresh herbs from the garden: marjoram, oregano and thyme.

To the herbs, I added a little garlic, olive oil, salt and black pepper, and this is really all that you need.

Pour this over your tomato halves and roast them in the oven at 325 F for about two hours.

Yes, it takes a little time, but it makes the house smell amazing and you can use roasted tomatoes in so many ways–it’s really worth it.

As soon as the tomatoes were ready, I immediately used some of them to make Italian meatloaf. Delicious!

I hope all of you who had a garden this year enjoyed a great harvest. And if you don’t have a garden, hopefully you were able to find some great produce from your local farmers.

Buen provecho!

Dressing the halved tomatoes with herbs and oil
Dressing the halved tomatoes with herbs and oil
Herbed roasted tomatoes
Pulling the roasted tomatoes out of the oven
Fresh roasted tomatoes on the meatloaf
Fresh roasted tomatoes on the meatloaf

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  1. Daniel – That looks delicious, am anxious to try that. Thanks for sharing a way to improve meatloaf. Always good to try something new. :0)


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