turnip revelation

Tokyo turnips served with fish
Tokyo turnips served with fish for our family dinner

Yes, yes–more about my garden.

I am really enjoying my garden this year. So far it has been great and not a lot of damage from the usual visitors.

This season I’ve tried something new. Ok, maybe not so new–turnips are turnips, right? But these are Tokyo turnips.

I’ve always liked turnip greens, but truth be told, I don’t care much for the root. These Tokyo turnips are a bit different from the turnips I’m used to. The flavor is sweeter with a hint of cauliflower. Now, this revives my interest in turnips.

Roasting turnips is one of my favorite methods of cooking them. It enhances the sweet flavor. They were a great addition to tonight’s dinner alongside this fish with mango salsa.

Try some Tokyo turnips and tell me what you think.

Buen Provecho!


picking Tokyo turnips
Picking Tokyo turnips from my garden. (I'm not wearing fishnet stockings; that's a net to keep the birds out. Really!)

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