USA Pans – factory sale of premier bakeware

USA Pans bakeware
Muffin tins from USA Pans full of banana bread batter.
These muffin tins are a joy to use and clean.

Pittsburgh is home to manufacturers of leading kitchen equipment. If you are a serious chef or a self-respecting foodie, you have doubtless heard of Pittsburgh’s own All-Clad. But have you heard of USA Pans? Maybe not, because they create branded bakeware for retail labels like Williams Sonoma or Sur La Table.

If you ever use pans made by USA Pans, you’ll never want to use anything else. This bakeware is a commercial favorite: quick release silicone coating on heavy duty Pittsburgh steel. In my own kitchen, I have muffin pans, half-sheet pans, a meatloaf pan, and a baguette pan from USA Pans, and I’m still looking to stock up on more.

And Saturday November 2nd from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. might be the time to get a few more pieces. They are having their biannual PAN SALE!

Come check it out! They’re located at:

33 McGovern Blvd.
Crescent, PA 15046
Link to this address in Google Maps

USA Pans jellyroll pan
Drop biscuits on a USA Pans jellyroll pan
baguette pan
USA Pans baguette pan with sourdough loaves during baking
USA Pans loaf pan
USA Pans loaf pan with fruitcake batter

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