baking bread

Here I am scoring the loaves I made with homemade sourdough starter after putting them in the oven.
Now that the brotforms are seasoned with use, it gets easier to use them and the bread I have been baking with my homemade sourdough starter has been steadily improving. I try to bake a batch of bread each week. Here I am scoring the loaves to help them expand upward.

Even though we got a brand new italian loaf pan at the USA Pans sale on Saturday, I used my brotforms (coiled cane bread molds) to shape the loaves I made this morning.

How did you spend your “extra hour” when you turned the clocks back today for the end of Daylight Savings Time? The best way to spend it is in the kitchen, of course. 😉

Buen provecho!

homemade bread
There’s nothing like homemade bread!

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