What's a "supper club?"

A "Dinner with Daniel" in progress

What's a supper club? My supper club has a relaxed, homey atmosphere with excellent and interesting food (if I do say so myself!). The mission is to have not only a great food selection, but the perfect mix of guests, where everyone gets to sit at the "chef's table."

tocinillo de cielo, a traditional Spanish custard

tocinillo de cielo, a traditional Spanish custard

"Tocinillo de cielo" is a traditional Spanish custard. The name translates to something like "little bacon from heaven." I'm not sure how "bacon-y" it is, but it's definitely a heavenly dessert. It's a great recipe to have on hand if you have a lot of extra egg yolks. Bonus: this traditional Spanish dessert is lactose free.


Northern Spain has a long tradition of flavored spirits called orujo, which is similar to Italy's grappa. In Spain you can buy these flavored spiritsĀ at the store, but it's also something of a family tradition and a hobby to make them at home. People use many different flavorings, from fruity to very savory, from strawberry …